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Just a couple of corrections for the media.
1.Megan Markle isn’t the first black person of the English royal family, there have been many before her, like queen Charlotte Sophia of the 1700’s.
2. The new movie about J. Paul Getty in which they claim he was the richest man to ever live is wrong, the richest man to ever live was African Mali emperor Mansa Musa of the 1400’s


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Wesley Snipes produced a documentary about black history around the world , narrated by black historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke, the next thing Wesley knew, he was in prison for tax evasion, Michael Jackson did a music video called Remember The Time, staring Eddie Murphy, super model Iman, and other black people as ancient Egyptians, the next thing they knew , Michael was being charged with child molestation, Eddie for soliciting a male prostitute, and Iman was forced to marry white rock star David Bowie, LOL, Bill Cosby used to teach about hidden black history, and claim the government put Aids, and Crack in black communities, the next thing Bill knew his son was murdered, and Bill started going around attacking the black community for their immorality instead of the government . Maybe there’s a reason black celebrities don’t speak out on black causes, or bring up black history in public.

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Black History Boy – Episode #1

Black History Boy, is the name of a new family friendly animated black history series from the creators of the Black Archaeologist animated series. The new series is educational and entertaining for adults and children alike. It’s about a little black boy who time travels, visiting great black people and civilizations from the past.
Some of the places we will be visiting:
Egyptian pharaohs, and queens, the land of ancient Nubia, 8th century black Samurais, the black Carthaginian general Hannibal, and his elephants, the black Moors of Spain, the black Olmec civilization of ancient Mexico, black Greeks, Romans, and various African empires, and their rulers

Our goal with the Black History Boy animated series is to expose to people of the world, in the most entertaining way we know how, to the achievements of the people of the African continent and the people of the African diaspora.

The first episode of the first season of Black History Boy is already on our website, (, our Facebook Fan Page, (I Love Black Archaeologist), and our YouTube channel, (TecHNubian1)
The second episode is very funny, historically accurate and entertaining, its about Christoper Walken teaching a course in black history to black students in an elementary school .
We the creators of both series, Black History Boy, and Black Archaeologist, hope that you will show your support, by donating to our Gofundme link below, or by telling your friends, and family members about us, or sharing on social media.

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Black History Boy Black History Book for kids

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Black History Boy – Black History Book for kids

A new and informative children’s book, Black History Boy, based on the childhood of the black history explorer and hero of the Black Archaeologist animated series.  The Black History Book for kids deals with how and why as a young boy Black Archaeologist got interested in, and the reasons he made the teaching of the amazing history of black people all over the world his life’s mission.

Glossary of Black History Boy – Black History Book for kids

The Ashanti (or Asante), are the dominant ethnic group of a powerful 19th century empire and today one of Ghana’s leading ethnic groups. They used female warriors in their army and in the Kings guard.
The Maasai people live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The Lion hunt is a historical practice that played an important role in the Maasai culture.
The word Zulu means “Sky”.
In the early nineteenth century a young Zulu prince, Shaka, came onto the scene and combined most of the Nguni tribes into the powerful Zulu Nation.

Economically the Yoruba primarily engage in agriculture, with about 15% of the people employed as merchants or artists and craftsman.
The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza were built during the Old Kingdom. A unified kingdom was founded 3150 BC by King Menes, leading to a series of dynasties.

What is now northern Sudan in ancient times was the kingdom of Nubia. Egypt and Nubia were ethnically and culturally similar.


Black In The Day – Nubian Gladiatress

A black Ethiopian gladiatress was one of the first females to fight in a Roman amphitheater before an audience of emperor Nero himself in 66 A.D. as an exhibit for the king of Armenia.