black history

Wesley Snipes produced a documentary about black history around the world , narrated by black historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke, the next thing Wesley knew, he was in prison for tax evasion, Michael Jackson did a music video called Remember The Time, staring Eddie Murphy, super model Iman, and other black people as ancient Egyptians, the next thing they knew , Michael was being charged with child molestation, Eddie for soliciting a male prostitute, and Iman was forced to marry white rock star David Bowie, LOL, Bill Cosby used to teach about hidden black history, and claim the government put Aids, and Crack in black communities, the next thing Bill knew his son was murdered, and Bill started going around attacking the black community for their immorality instead of the government . Maybe there’s a reason black celebrities don’t speak out on black causes, or bring up black history in public.

Yours Truly, The Lambert Brothers, creators of The Black Archaeologists, and Black History Boy animated black history web series.

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