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An animated web series whose hero,  “Black Archaeologist,” uses a time machine to visit great black people and civilizations in history

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(the web series contact


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  1. We have tested our format for 6 months in Dallas on a low powered station and now we are posied to take over full powered stations in Dallas and Houston. You cane seed our diverse vision at We feel that you can be a dynamic addition to our roster call me 214 213 4896

  2. Hello Ray. I am ecstatic about your animations! I have am in the process of developing a social media distribution network that would enable you to promote, network, broadcast & sell your animations. I happen to have an animation “channel” and would love to do a feature on you & your animations. There will be many ways to promote these. Please contact me as we will be doing a soft-launch in February. Best regards!

  3. I am ecstatic about your animations and would love to do a feature on the Black Archaeologist. I am launching a social media distribution network and have a way for you to sell & promote your animations. We have an animation channel. This would be perfect. Please contact me as soon as you can to consider. We will have a soft-launch in February and I would like to set you up with a channel on the site. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. Whatever happened to the dvd I ordered back in mid April 2015?

    I haven’t received anything as of this day.

  5. I would like the entire series to play for my grandchildren. If they can watch Ninja Turtles, they can learn to watch and enjoy the history and truth through your cartoons.

  6. Would have sent a email but none posted

    Wanted to ask you about a link exchange. is a blog we start inbetween our podcast. We do Urban local and national news on our blog. Our Podcast is although relative new is the #1 Urban Talk Podcast on iTunes and Sticher. We have been very blessed. We are looking to get our sites ranking up and continue our growth, and think our site would work as a valuable resource to your demographic and yours to ours. Currently we get about 3,000+ hit a day.

    Could you please place our link on

    We will place the link you designate on our site. We can also write a post about Black Archaeologist and Feature it for 2 weeks!

    If all is agreeable with you:

    Our Info
    URL title:

  7. I would like to purchase all of the series! What would be the grand total after taxes? Why does two of the series say they are a comedy? Is some of your information exaggerated or false? If you can, please respond at your earliest convenience.

  8. Greetings, Black Archaeologist This is Maurice Mitchell I wanted to know if you would be interested in being business partners with me I would love to help you promote your product to our people. In return you could help promote my product to the black community on the west cost I could help you promote your product in the Midwest. I also do theme music as well.

  9. You should do a DVD about us being the people of the bible, the true Hebrew Israelites of scripture! Abraham, Noah, and Yahshua, the bible is Black history!

  10. Hello,
    I am a member of your Facebook page and admire your animation work. I am producing a documentary and am interested in partnering with you to do animation for the film. Please contact me regarding this matter at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you,

    Taaqiy Grant

  11. What is the email or link that I may use my PayPal account to purchase videos? Somehow, your system is not set up properly in conjunction with PayPal. I would like to buy them, but have them sent to my various grandchildren all over the states.

  12. Hi

    I wanted to know If you needed help on future projects you and your team are working on? I’m a artist/teacher and I’m take contract work. I really enjoy want you do and I’d like to help take it do the next level. My info is below I look forward to hear from you


  13. Aloha Black Archeologist,

    I am Jenney Hardman, how may I address you? We touched bases briefly on Facebook in regard to making contact with pertinent and like-minded fellows such as Mr. Calvin Broadus, in his response to the current remake of ‘Roots’; Should your intentions be sincere in pursuing an equitable business contact and relation with the gentleman, I would be pleased to offer my services by the way of Brilliant AD+vantage, at no current charge excepting your ideal ‘finder’s fee’ at our mutual success. You may contact me at my email address and/or via my respective Facebook sites, as listed: ; to discuss the matter in further detail.

    With all sincerity, mahalo nui loa,
    Jenney Hardman

  14. Hello! It seems we have some mutual. Interest. is now in beta, but is near being
    Released soon. Please check out our site, and
    See what we are doing. Our family of sites are

    Leo Sullivan

  15. I would like to order several seasons but do not have a PayPal account nor plans of having one. Is there a way I can order over the phone? I prefer speaking with a live person. If you can accommodate my request I would greatly appreciate it.

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