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 Black Archaeologist is a black history web series were the main character (Black Archaeologist) visits great black people and civilizations in history.

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black historyWAY BLACK IN TIME – Season3 – All 6 Episodes……$14.00

black historySEASON#2 (PG RATING, COMEDY)……$12.00




14 responses to “DVDs

  1. What is the length of time of each series, also what is the delivery time. Eye will need it within a few days.

    Thank You
    Zudayyah EL

  2. Amenhotep I’ve been viewing your Black Archaeologist Videos on YouTube for awhile now, and subscribing too your Channel under exactly two of my pages on YT, Themetaphy & InfiniteIndigoChilde respectively, but I must say I’m not up on those pages forawhile now, about a year or two ( Life Changes) but still I must say that I truly appreciate all that I’ve seen so far, and although I may have saved some of the vids on youtube I’m now going too order them all for myself and others, I may just order exactly 2 Copies of each DVD in the series, just too show how much the appreciation is truly valid. (: stay awake:)

  3. Kind greetings,

    I will purchase ALL of these videos! I would like to know how I would go about hosting this video series on the Global African History Channel (GAHC). I founded the Global African History Channel (GAHC) Nonprofit, to ensure the Preservation and Conservation of African History from all countries in the world and from all Historical periods. Furthermore, the Global African History Channel (GAHC) is deploying a Video Streaming Channel focused on Global African / Black History, coupled with an online (eCommerce) store, where I would also like to sell your videos, and promote your product(s). Please do let me know. Kindest regards, VonVictor V. Rosenchild, African American U.S. Navy Veteran and former University Computer Science (CS) Instructor.

  4. Greetings
    I would start with something like wordpress then move up. You can learn the free wordpress.com then upgrade to wordpress.org
    Good Luck
    Ray Lambert
    Black Archaeologist

  5. Love the series! Would like to order all episodes dvds made. I know I can order on this site yet, just making sure that I will get all the episodes up-to-date. Thanks in advance. Hope there is more to come!

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