Queen Hatshepsut



Queen Hatshepsut

Female Black Pharaoh Of Egypt

First as regent, then pharaoh, a black woman of Egypt’s 18th dynasty, was ruler of Egypt from (1479 B.C. to 1458 B.C.) her reign is marked for long periods of peace, prosperity, building and restoring, temples to Egypt’s ancient gods, one of her most rememberable achievements was a trade mission she commissioned to the land of Punt, which many scholars say is probably in the area of the present day Somali after her death (1458 B.C,) many statues, reliefs, and murals with her likeness were destroyed, many say by the new pharaoh her nephew Thutmose lll, who’s power historians tell, was usurped by her.
Queen Hatshepsut Of Egypt will be making an appearance in the new Black Archaeologist  animated episode ‘Way Black In Time #2’.
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The Confederate Flag

Defending Slavery And Treason

One can’t help but notice how members of the republican party have been pointing out that the democrats created the Confederate flag in the 1800’s. They also point to the fact that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, conveniently leaving out that during the administrations of presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and especially Johnson, the political parties philosophies switched, with racist democrats joining the republican party and moral republicans joining the democrats. Now it’s the republicans and their racist southern base that have defended the Confederate flag all these years. If the democrats had they’re way they would have taken it down long ago, along with all the other racist symbols and monuments of white supremacy. There’s nothing honorable about defending slavery or treason or terrorism.

By Michael Lambert